In-vivo like micro-environment on a chip

    10 billion A lot of bacteria It's too hard to culture the hybrid cell without cross contamination because of their different growth rate between bacteria and eukaryotic cells. There is 60 times doubling time than To study mammalian cell-cell and cell-bacteria communication using microfluidic system, such as mimetic intestinal tract environment (Organ on a Chip)






 High throughput screen system for cancer therapy

    To investigate combinational chemotherapy against anti-cancer drug resistance tumor cell with multi combinational composition of anti-cancer drug and natural components as sensitizer using microfluidic based high throughput screening(HTS) system controlled by LabVIEW. To using microfluidic system required extremely small consumption of drug and sensitizer. For example, these amounts for 8 by 8 array compositional assay are 100uL under during entire process.





 Hypoxia System for Stem Cell Differenciation Research

    Some cells are located in specific environment in our body, as very less oxygen tension compare than traditional cell culture chamber under 5% volume ratio. In order to investigate these cells with traditional experimental methods, large and complex hypoxia incubator is not required, but processing is also difficult and complex. Because these cells are exposed on air which not controlled oxygen tension to observe them on microscope. To overcome these limitations, microfluidic based system is required to observe and do experiment continuously without exposing in air during whole process. The gas permeable property of PDMS, which resistance against to liquid, is able to exchange the oxygen through PDMS thin membrane without any complex structure. Microfluidic system supports high throughput screening in only single chip. In this research, we report the microfluidic based oxygen tension controllable high throughput hypoxia system for cell biology research. This device has thin PDMS membrane between gas gradient generation layer and cell culture layer to transfer the gas using higher gas permeable property of PDMS. This system can be used for researching a fundamental understanding of effect hypoxia environment on to stem cells and cancer.