• New paper
      • Kyung-Jung Kang, Seon Min Ju, Young-Joo Jang, and Kim, Jeongyun, Indirect Co-Culture of Stem Cells from Human Exfoliated Deciduous Teeth and Oral Cells in a Microfluidic Platform ", Tissue Eng Regen Med., 13(4), 428-436(2016).

    • Aug. 1st, 2016       BioMEMS Laboratory moves to 2nd Science hall at College of Natural Science.



    • Sep. 28th, 2016     10:00 am (2nd Sci. Bd. #218)

                                     Dr. Kyeongoh Choi (Suwon Univ.)

                                     " Bioactive microbiota metabolites in the mouse gut "